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What is Permanent Makeup? 

Permanent Makeup (aka PMU) is a form of tattooing (Malissa is a licensed tattoo artist in the state of Wisconsin). As a PMU artist, she is implanting permanent pigment (color) beneath the skin, to create a natural or bold appearance. A color refresh is recommended every 2-5 years. 

MICROBLADING - This technique is creating natural hair-like strokes. Microblading fills in the areas of the eyebrows that look empty or sparse. Microblading can also enhance or change the shape of your existing brows. No brow hairs? No problem. Whether it was the 90's plucking craze, or an unfortunate hair loss, there is finally a solution for you! Microblading is not ideal for mature clients (over 65 years of age) or clients with oily skin. Microblading strokes do tend to fade faster than the Powder Brow technique. This technique is performed with a hand tool and a Microblading blade. 

POWDER BROWS - Instead of creating hair-like strokes, this technique is more of a powdery, pixelated, filled-in makeup look. Similar to what an eyebrow pencil can do for you, but the big difference here is that permanent makeup is waterproof! No more smudged brow pencil on a hot humid summer day, or trying to get your brows perfectly symmetrical every time. This technique is performed with a tattoo machine and a small needle cartridge.

COMBINATION BROWS - This technique combines both Microblading and Powder Brows, as described above. We will always do our very best to give you the most flattering, natural looking brows that compliment your face. 

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Hello! =) My name is Malissa, and I absolutely love what I do! I grew up in the Walworth County area, and so I am unbelievably grateful to be able to have my studio right here in the beautiful City of Lake Geneva, WI. I am a proud wife to the most amazing human I know, a mama to two sweet babies & our Goldendoodle Elsa. I decided to get into the Permanent Makeup industry a few years ago, when I myself first discovered Microblading. I have naturally blonde eyebrows, and I was so tired of having to pencil them in every day. Besides not being able to even see my brows; I had no arches, no tails and just an overall blah shape. The closest PMU artist I was able to find, was over 55 minutes away in Milwaukee, WI. When I left her studio, I cried happy tears. I felt beautiful and more confident in my appearance than I ever have before. I knew at that moment, that I needed to bring this luxury service to the area in which I lived, and help other women like me, bring their sexy back. Fast forward, and here we are. I would consider myself a perfectionist and I take a lot of pride in my work. I use only top of the line pigments, needles, blades, aftercare, numbing name it. My passion is this, and I am looking forward to having you as my client. As always, follow your dreams, trust your intuition & stay humbly blessed.



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    516 Broad Street, Unit B
    Lake Geneva, WI 53147

    (Across from Simple Bakery)

    Email us at:

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    Why is every date blacked out & I am unable to book an appointment online?

    If you are on our booking link and see that all dates are blacked out, this means that Malissa is currently fully booked.

    She only allows her schedule to be available 2 months out at a time.

    For example: Today is April 1st, so at 9am today, she will be releasing all of her June availability (2 months out).

    On May 1st at 9am, she will release all of her July availability. On June 1st at 9am, she will release all of her August availability. And so on.

    The reason Malissa does this, is because she does not know what her personal commitments will be further than 2 months from now. The bonus to that is, you will never have to wait more than 2 full months for your scheduled appointment.

    When do you release new appointments? 

    Malissa releases new appointments on the 1st day of each month at 9am, to her Gloss Genius booking link above. Her available appointments book up fast, so please set your alarm and have your credit card number ready. Any and all cancellations (first come first serve) will be posted to our Instagram and Facebook stories.


    Is this procedure considered a permanent tattoo? 

    ​Yes, it is considered a permanent tattoo, but the pigment is not placed as deep under the skin as your traditional tattoo. This is why it is considered "semi-permanent" makeup, and you will need to maintain your brows with a color refresh appointment approximately

    every 2-5 years. This timeline varies from client to client. Many factors come into play such as...your age, the quality of your skin, your lifestyle, smoker or non-smoker, are you applying sunscreen to your healed brows while in the sun, and much more. Permanent Makeup pigment is designed to fade out of your skin over time. 

    How long is the initial appointment?

    ​Your first appointment will last approximately 3 hours. This includes filling out consent paperwork, the in-person consult, Malissa mapping out your natural facial features, giving you the most flattering brow shape & symmetry. We then move on to picking the pigment color, numbing the skin, followed by the procedure itself. She takes her time and does not rush this process.


    Does it hurt?

    Most of our clients feel little to no discomfort, but pain tolerance will vary from client to client (you will feel more discomfort if you are close to/on your monthly cycle). We numb your skin with a 5% lidocaine cream before and during the procedure. The pain is equivalent to that of a mild sunburn. It's totally worth'll see! Sometimes clients even fall asleep in her chair during the procedure!


    What can I expect during the healing process?

    ​You may experience some flaking & dryness on the brow area for the first 12 days or so, during the healing time. This is your skin naturally cycling through. The pigment color will lighten approximately 20-30% over that time period. Before you leave my studio, we schedule your complimentary 6-8 week touchup appointment. This appointment is for me to evaluate how your skin healed, make any adjustments to shape and/color. I describe this second appointment as "Adding a second coat of paint". I will provide you with an aftercare kit, as well as explain the aftercare thoroughly with you. Please avoid picking, scratching, saunas, excessive exercising (salt in your sweat), hot tubs, facing directly under the shower head, excessive sun exposure, swimming, and/or putting makeup on or near your freshly tattooed brows.

    Is the 6-8 week "perfecting" appointment necessary? (Approximately 2 hours)

    Absolutely! During the healing process, there may be some areas on your brows that look patchy, and need a little extra love! This is completely normal, and that is why we include this complimentary service to you with a new set of brows appointment. We will implant more pigment and also make any slight adjustments to the shape or color, as needed. Permanent Makeup eyebrows are a two-step process. After this appointment, you will not need a color refresh for approximately 2-5 years (see below). 

    Should I pluck or wax my eyebrows prior to my appointment?

    No. In fact, the more natural hairs you have the better. Try to avoid any plucking or brow waxing at least two weeks prior to your scheduled appointment. At your appointment, Malissa will map out your natural facial features as she creates your new brow shape. She will clean up any stray hairs at that time by using tweezers or a disposable eyebrow razor. 

    How often will I need to schedule a color refresh appointment? 

    Approximately every 2-5 years or when your pigment color has faded approximately 50%. Unsure if you are ready for a color refresh? You can always send us a clear photo of your current brows in good light with no makeup on. This will vary by client, as there are many factors that come in to play with pigment fading, such as...your sun exposure without sunscreen, your skin care regimen, medications you may be on, the quality of your skin, if you use a tanning bed, your skin type, if you are a smoker, and much more. If you have oily skin, you will likely need a color refresh more frequently than a client with normal to dry skin. For pigment color longevity, following our aftercare is SUPER important (aftercare kit included). Applying sunscreen onto your healed brows while outside in the sun will also help give you longer lasting results. Personally, Malissa likes to get her brows touched up every 2-3 years.

    Are you certified, licensed, and insured?

    Most definitely! Malissa is 4x certified in Microblading, machine work (Powder Brows), Nano brows, as well as Bloodborne Pathogens certified with the American Red Cross. She has her personal tattoo license as well as her tattoo establishment license, both through the state of Wisconsin. We also have yearly health inspections from the state. The Eyebrow Co. LLC is fully insured. Malissa continues to train with industry leaders so that she can keep up with all of the latest innovations and techniques in permanent makeup. We always want to stay on the cutting edge, as well as add new services to our menu in the future.

    What are your forms of payment? 

    Cash is preferred (credit card fees are high), but we do accept most major credit/debit cards and Venmo. NO checks please.

    How should I prepare for my appointment?

    - Do not take blood thinners 24 hours before or after your appointment (ibuprofen, fish oil, etc.)

    - Do not consume alcohol 24 hours prior to your appointment. This will increase your chance of bleeding during the appointment. 

    - Do not consume any coffee/caffeine the day of your appointment. Caffeine may increase your blood flow (bleeding) and will affect your healed brow results. You can drink all the coffee you want immediately AFTER your appointment. 

    - If you tint or henna your brows, please do so at least one week prior to your appointment. 

    - No Botox, fillers, or chemical peels 3 weeks before or 3 weeks after your brow appointment. 

    I already have my brows done by another artist, can you fix them or touch them up?

    You must send us a clear photo of your current brows in good light with no makeup on, so that we can discuss your options. Malissa does expect that your old brow pigment be close to 70% faded. Unfortunately, Malissa may not be able to help your current brow situation. This will depend on how saturated with pigment your brows currently are or if any major color correction is needed. Instead, you may need a few sessions of saline or laser removal first, which we do NOT currently offer. If we approve to work on your brows, this booking will also include a touchup appointment that you may use at any time. Please see our pricing below, so you know which service to choose. 

    What would disqualify me from getting a permanent makeup tattoo?

    - Pregnant or Breast Feeding

    - If you are sunburned

    - If you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol

    - Have used Accutane within 1 year

    - Have a history of keloid scarring 

    - Have trichotillomania or hemophilia

    - Are on blood thinning medications or antibiotics

    - Are currently undergoing chemotherapy (must be off chemotherapy or radiation for 6 months)

    - Bringing children to your appointment (Your appointment will be canceled and there will be a 30% cancellation fee applied to your card on file)

    What is your cancellation policy? 

    - If you are a no call/no show for your scheduled appointment, you will be blacklisted from booking a future appointment with Malissa and will be charged a 30% cancellation fee to your card on file. 

    - If you cancel less than 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment, you will be charged a 30% cancellation fee to your card on file. 

    - Our time is valuable (as is yours), so please be courteous of any last minute changes. We do understand that emergencies may occur. 

    Current Services Offered:

    A Credit Card is Required to Book an Appointment

    New Client Set of Brows (approximately 3 hours) - $67

    This appointment includes your new set of eyebrows, using any technique you desire (Microblading, Powder Brows, or a Combination of the two). Also included is your 6-8 week "perfecting" appointment, which Malissa will book for you at the end of your appointment, and an aftercare kit with everything you will need.

    New Client With Previous Brow Work (approximately 3 hours) - $700

    If you already had permanent makeup brows done by another artist, in order to become a client of ours, you must book this appointment first. Once you secured an appointment online, please text or email us a clear photo of your current eyebrows with no makeup on and in good light. Malissa does expect that your old brow pigment be close to 70% fadedUnfortunately, Malissa may not be able to help your brows, depending on how saturated with pigment they are or if any major color correction is needed. Instead, you may need a few sessions of saline or laser removal first, which we do NOT currently offer. If we agree to do your brows, this price will also include your aftercare kit and a touchup appointment (2 hours) that you may use at any time.

    Current Client Color Refresh 2-5 years - (approximately 2 hours) $300

    This appointment is for any current clients who are needing their pigment color brought back to life! Pigment color is likely to dull and fade over time. Your current pigment color MUST be faded at least 50% in order for Malissa to add any more pigment into your skin. If you are unsure if you are ready or not for a color refresh appointment, please text or email us a clear photo of your current eyebrows with no makeup on and in good light. We will always be 100% honest with you. The integrity of your skin is our priority, not the money. 


    * PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE* (You will be locked into the price that you booked at originally)

    You will find our "before & after" photo gallery and many testimonials from our happy clients displayed 

    on the "Book Now" link above.

    You can also find The Eyebrow Co. LLC on Google & our social media accounts listed below.


    Thank you for visiting us and Malissa looks forward to meeting you! 

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